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37:45Buddy Simulator
Buddy SimulatorÁhorf 544 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
THE BOTTOM OF THE SINKHOLE | The ForestÁhorf 2,2 m.Degi Síðan síðan
35:57I MADE A MISTAKE... | Mind Scanners - Part 3
I MADE A MISTAKE... | Mind Scanners - Part 3Áhorf 1,4 m.Degi Síðan síðan
36:43MY BEST WASH YET | PowerWash Simulator - Part 4
30:35BEGINNING OF THE END | The Forest
BEGINNING OF THE END | The ForestÁhorf 3,1 m.8 dögum síðan
19:21THE NIGHTMARE ENDS | House - Part 4
THE NIGHTMARE ENDS | House - Part 4Áhorf 2,8 m.8 dögum síðan
39:55GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! | Mind Scanners - Part 2
25:143 SCARY GAMES #72
3 SCARY GAMES #72Áhorf 2,8 m.15 dögum síðan
27:10BRAINS PLEASE | Mind Scanners - Part 1
BRAINS PLEASE | Mind Scanners - Part 1Áhorf 2,7 m.15 dögum síðan
21:16DEATH IN EVERY CORNER | House - Part 2
DEATH IN EVERY CORNER | House - Part 2Áhorf 3,7 m.15 dögum síðan
30:57STABBITY STAB STAB | Chivalry 2
STABBITY STAB STAB | Chivalry 2Áhorf 1,8 m.15 dögum síðan
33:521001 WAYS TO DIE | House - Part 1
1001 WAYS TO DIE | House - Part 1Áhorf 6 m.22 dögum síðan
21:49[🅑🅡🅐🅝🅓] is Dead to Me
[🅑🅡🅐🅝🅓] is Dead to MeÁhorf 2,3 m.22 dögum síðan
29:28AMONG US HORROR GAME | Impostor Hide
AMONG US HORROR GAME | Impostor HideÁhorf 4 m.22 dögum síðan
23:18Please, Don't Touch Anything 3D
Please, Don't Touch Anything 3DÁhorf 3,9 m.29 dögum síðan
1:02:46it is my birthday
it is my birthdayÁhorf 2,6 m.Mánuði síðan
24:43Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 DEMO
Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 DEMOÁhorf 2,5 m.Mánuði síðan
31:223 SCARY GAMES #71
3 SCARY GAMES #71Áhorf 3,1 m.Mánuði síðan
THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL | Lunch LadyÁhorf 2,3 m.Mánuði síðan
32:543 SCARY GAMES #70
3 SCARY GAMES #70Áhorf 3,7 m.Mánuði síðan
MIGHTY ANGERÁhorf 1,9 m.Mánuði síðan
20:26Takis is Dead to Me
Takis is Dead to MeÁhorf 2,8 m.Mánuði síðan
0:31Chica KICKS!!
Chica KICKS!!Áhorf 2,2 m.Mánuði síðan


  • Sans what the heck tom cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat adorable done

  • awwwwwww

  • does mark have any driving simulator video? bc the minutes he spent totaling the car are the best part of the video

  • Green is my favorite color soooooooooo ouch

  • 31:25 When I tell you my blood pressure spiked when Chica ran in front of the arms. This game broke my trust already. Gah-

  • 👌

  • I'm still waiting! NEXT EPISODE IS GOING TO BE HUGE!

  • Anna the bi con

  • My grandma and grandpa died last year. I miss them

  • *B I G L I D A Z E R*

  • *Ah shit, here we go again*

  • When you accidentally cremate someone who's alive: "They're not dead, they're just really crispy"

  • 😭😭 on a side note will your Minecraft series continue??


  • bob’s fridge really is the best episode on distractible so far 😂

  • If I were the ghost I would poses a dildo lol

  • Mark: have I played this before? Literally everyone: perhaps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 11:31 *markiplier and technoblade fans exploding with joy*

  • Lunky has infected Lixian. Lixian is trapped inside and Lunky is controlling Lixian's body. Lixian is trying to escape but can't, he can only send mark subtle messages. Lunky is starting to see no use for Lixian's current body and is trying to destroy Lixian permanently, so he can escape and infect mark. I bet this plot line will happen, and Lunky will be important in Heist 2.

  • Don't know why but for a second there Wade's character kind of look like Markiplier.

  • the Umbrella of today is clearly politics.

  • it sounded like he said it like follow the litre

  • About 7 years ago you were diferent, had more thril and passion, were more plesent to watch.

    • i mean that WAS 7 fucking years ago??

  • Man Of Steel

  • This was a fun one to watch! Also, the ghost was too cute, and who wouldn't love all the Chica adorableness?!......... P.s. today is my birthday! Yay! :)

  • gay handiplier

  • It might be at the bottom of the water pit?

  • god hes so adorable and precious i love him <3

  • 10:43 your welcome

  • 11:28 someone watches techoblade

  • By the sheer power of Mark's anger, the game glitched out and allowed Chica to ride in the boat.

  • Didn’t he play this before?

  • Buddy stimulator

  • 764 videos down

  • 9:44 ah fuck not again


  • Gimme a fingie

  • Woah mark played this too??

  • 75

  • You should do morePower Wash Simulator

  • Wait this game got sht reviews?

  • Burny scared me senseless when he fell 😂

  • 22:20 that's not a bee, that's a wasp

  • Remember that commercial ,"My buddy, my buddy, wherever I go he wants to go"?Come on 80s kids!

  • I can say those girls never had a "disciplinary slap"

  • Is it just me or did the music in the house feel extremely similar to the snowden music in undertale?

  • *pray* *heresy* *Warhammer 40k* *BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD*

  • Mama papa can i watch thish gwuy play undertwale? Mum: no game bad Dad: no person bad

  • Does mark watch techno blade Mark: uh blood for the blood god

  • I can’t believe this video was made almost 8 years ago

  • I didn’t know if it was a horror game so I went to the end to hear the outro lol

  • Those aren’t Corpseyatas, there Mandaleers!


  • Literally the whole game is Mark being buddies with the dog and not Steve

  • This is great

  • 3:02 legit thought he was gonna put 'Steve' A pet named Steve

  • nobody’s gonna talk about hamood habibi??

  • Five Night's at Granny's; Is this where you wanna be?; I just don't get it.; Why do you want to stay?; FIVE NIGHTS at GRANNY's!

  • I Dont Need Computers. I Got My Pokemon Cards.

  • Shoutout to the editor on this video...

  • The buddy sim has been fully made

  • Day 17: I continue to ask Mark if he would please play Surviving Mars. So far I haven't been noticed. Log ends. *static*

  • 9:08 what da markiplier doin?

  • "you realize you're hearing more than one pair of footsteps" THE WET SLAPPIES "I was WONDERING why it was so WET and SLAPPY" god I loved that video

  • Did somebody say.. Oaisis?

  • Mark! Please play A.I dungeon with Ethan!

  • I love it 💜 would love to see more buddy simulator,later I’d like to see the new red dead redemption if possible please

  • I am commenting here to ensurethere is some positivity here, fuck the bots .

  • I feel like this isn’t the REAL mark, just a hunch.

  • I was really hoping he wouldn't notice eventually xD

  • Richard Del Romeo might be a reference to John Romero: one of the founding fathers of DOOM


  • The flash backs , they kill me , it’s like IRL thinking back of my self laughing at my self during the flashback

  • I knew I’d seen this game before and was like It kinda feels like mark was the one who played it *well I was right*

  • I just started the video and and I and I was like hes played this right

  • Steve and Markiplier against the world!

  • Wow mark you weak

  • 9:44 Has Lunky taken the appearance of Lixian?